We visited Amazonas for the first time over 10 years ago. When we arrived to Cocachimba —the home of Gocta waterfall— the sun was coming out after the rain. It was like admiring a live canvas with 15 waterfalls falling from the rocky mountains ahead of us as we drove towards them. It was love at first sight!

The next day, on our way back, we decided to buy some land without really thinking of the implications to our future lives. Over the years, my husband Augusto and I had many times discussed about a healthy way to approach our retirement when the time came, and agreed on two conditions: It had to be productive and fun, and it had to take place in a rural landscape somewhere in Peru.

And so it happened: I started visiting Cocachimba every other month, became engaged with environmental issues and developed some sustainable projects with the community. By the time I left my job at the World Bank a few years later, our «productive retirement plan» was well underway. «Gocta Natura» became the label that comprised the projects we started to develop together with local authorities and families.

As our purpose became clearer, so did our name. Gocta Natura Reserve is now a life project for my family, one that connects and bounds us to the earth in all its potential. We are committed to the environment that surrounds us, and to the community with which we share it. It is a concept that goes beyond us and reminds us of a greater purpose: to act as we speak, if we want to make a difference.

The cabins have become our main activity. They are our window to the world and also a way to make things happen. Thanks to our guests we can continue to reforest the land and develop sustainable projects for the people that work with us and their families. We are continuously discovering creative ways to enhance the service we provide.

We enjoy what we do and strive to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, with a high-quality service for our guests to enjoy every moment of their stay. As with everything in life, learning continues for us.